These four learning modalities reveal new principles for flourishing in the face of magnified complexity and accelerated, constant change, while integrating body, mind, spirit, nature and community. They are keys to unlock the most significant challenges and opportunities of our time.




A complete education from the future for the future. This eight-week summer residential program offers grounded, whole-person incubation and immersion in core capacities for navigating a complex and unknown future. Located in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshire Mountains surrounded by Burr Pond State Forest, and just a short hike to the lake and beach. Includes room, board and meals, full access to all equine activities, participation in all summer workshops, plus collective insight collaboration to support individuals in their specific inquiry, research or project, as well as a life-skills learning lab through residential-community life practices.








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JULY 4,5,6,7      In this workshop we will look at models of economy, ecology and education that have emerged in the last 5 or 10 years, and which have significant implications for the future we are facing. The decentralization and destabilization of our global economy, the turn toward ecological, environmental and planetary consciousness, and the liberation of education from industrial models to open access —  hold significant clues to life mid-way in the 21st century and beyond. Join us in a powerful and provocative exploration. Topics include emergent ideas, trajectories and models of the new economy, ecological and planetary consciousness, and the possibility and challenges of open access, self-organized learning.  purchase



JULY 18,19,20,21  The Millennial generations entered a world like no other generation before them. This creates an evolutionary path into a new, emerging future that cannot be known by our prior modes of thinking, and cannot be engaged with our previous operational methods. The core capacities which must be cultivated for these new minds are insight, clarity, sensitivity, and participation. In this workshop, we will focus on why we are leaving the knowledge-based systems of the past, to enter an entirely new paradigm for human consciousness and collective human participation.purchase

Workshop Options

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Residential Option: Room and Board for both workshops as well as the week in-between from July 4 — July 21 (18 nights)



AUGUST 27,28,29,30,31 Includes 5 nights accomodations with breakfast and lunch.

A 5-day comprehensive introduction to Qigong energy awareness and cultivation, how to be physically balanced and emotionally congruent. Learn Windhorse Qigong, reading and seeing energy dynamics in self and other, leading with yin (open, inviting) energy and following with yang (strong, enthusiastic) energy. Increase core strength, close energy leaks, and tap into the ever-present sources of joy.

Energy Cultivation: Build awareness of inner and outer aspects of self, how to access deeper and more subtle layers of self, and how to integrate inner and outer states outer states.
Awareness: Learn how to eliminate emotional baggage and dissolve contracted energy which keeps us from experiencing the world in a more direct manner.
Presence: Tap into an inner core of energy and expand that energy in various ways. Dissolve one’s “defense field” and engage the world more fully and deliberately.
Coherence: Listen to and interpret the continuous interplay of energies within and without, and to align and balance them congruently.
Resonance: Tune into other energy fields in the natural, animal, and human world, and resonate and interplay with them in a natural and joyful way.

I would like to invite all who are interested in the natural world, in the ways of animals and especially the spirit of the horse, to participate in an exciting adventure of learning and discovery with our horses at Alderlore. These wondefrul equine teachers are particularly suited for engaging humans at a deeper, more spiritual level, and helping us be more grounded, more connected with our world and with others in daily life.  ~ Bonnitta Roy

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