The Grounds at Alderlore

The Grounds at Alderlore

The name Alderlore means “tales of the Alder” . The word “lore” means a story or tale that is associated with wisdom. The Alder trees that line our pond and hug our banks, provide food and shelter for numerous birds and the beaver and mink; create good fishing grounds for our heron; and are a delight for the hungry bees of spring. According to celtic tree folklore, the Alder is associated with both fire and water – making it the quintessential example of non-duality or integration of opposites – and is also associated with Phoenix- like qualities of regeneration, renewal and re-birth.

Alderlore was first established in 2006 as the home of The Horses of Alderlore Present – an equine assisted program in teaching people about body language, emotional balance, energy awareness, and embodied leadership through deep and intimate encounters with horses.

Soon more possibilities presented themselves, and in 2011 we redesigned the studio as a retreat and insight center. Today Alderlore Insight Center hosts internationally attended workshops to foster the emergent capacity we call collective insight practice. In 2013 Bonnitta met Zach at a conference in San Francisco and started talking about the possibility of designing a summer program for young adults around her work on transformative education and insight practice. As the idea brewed, we recruited Tyler to join us in co-creating the program to launch in summer 2014.


Tyler Keith and Zach Schlosser

(Here is a Snapshot from one of our Skype Sessions taken with Tyler and Zach you can see how much fun and enthusiasm and delight we have in or work together.)



Sandy & Bonnie, Jack & BB

We (Bonnie and Sandy) are the stewards of Alderlore. More than 20 years ago, we agreed what was most important to our life together was to help make a positive difference in people’s lives. We immediately experienced the power of Alderlore to integrate people and place, humans and nature. In 2012 we launched Alderlore Insight Center to open up this experience to students and visitors from all over the world. We are delighted to have a house filled with bright enthusiastic young people, to share the beauty and the power of this land, the love and affection that surrounds and embraces all of us.


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Scenes from Alderlore


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