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br04We realize we can start here, just right here, and go anywhere. Life itself will carry us there as we find our own path by walking it.

There are times in our lives when we discover that we are free to choose our next steps toward our future. This is when we need to trust our own intuition, and allow the process of an unfolding future to guide us. 

zs041Time spent in nature, in contemplation, and in the company of
honest friendship, all create an environment to discover what is possible that you never thought could be possible before.

Do you have a passion to make a unique contribution in the world?

Do you want to create your own path toward knowledge and self-discovery?

Alderlore’s 2014 summer SOLE program offers young adults a rich experience in new ways of individual and collective learning. We see these emerging capacities as essential for creating one’s own path toward self-understanding and realizing one’s passion to make a difference in the world. We focus on the core capacities of Clarity of Purpose, Complex Thought, and Embodied Awareness. At Alderlore these are integrated with Life Skills Practices that sustain a balanced and authentic person in ethical participation with community and nature.

When we look into our future and see something that no one has ever seen before, we know we are the ones who are called to shape it. 

Each generation finds its own leaders that shape and define a new future. In the past there was significant overlap between generations. Today technology has greatly accelerated the difference between the worlds into which the new generations are born. What we sense is possible, appears as impossible to all but the most forward-thinking people. We think of these people as coming from the future. This means they have the capacity to shape their own way into the future by laying down new paths that lead to emergent possibilities.

For this, we need an education from the future.

We are inspired way beyond the limited imaginations of the keepers of the industrial “conveyor belt” model of education. Technology is driving unprecedented changes in the way information is stored, organized and retrieved. While machines are taking over complex knowledge-building tasks, human ingenuity is soaring to new heights. Today we have more access  and more choice then ever before, but we need to develop a greater capacity to navigate the complex array of possibilities presenting themselves.

Alderlore SOLE summer 2014 provides a deep immersion into emergent education.

From June 21st – August 21st, students and mentors will be engaged in a shared experience of emergent education. The experience is collective, self-organizing, project and practice based immersion into the most important questions we are carrying at this moment in history. Each person chooses a research project or pursues a meaningful inquiry that is relevant to them. Together, through collective embodied practice, we cultivate integrative capacities based on contemplative science, sensitivity to conditions and participatory engagement. We help each other apply them to our individual projects to reach for innovative and inspirational outcomes.

Expect the unexpected. Come to be surprised.

Living at Alderlore opens our hearts by cultivating sensitivity to nature and a sustainably-built environment. Students and mentors practice relationships that are truly reciprocal and participatory by living together and sharing meals and ordinary responsibilities in an open, friendly, supportive and rich environment that emphasizes community-centered and integrated life practices. Our equine program teaches body language, emotional balance, and energy awareness.

All the students regularly share their work with their fellow students and mentors. This helps us practice our presentation skills and helps us learn skills in how to move away from weak opinions and better advocate for good, strong ideas. This practice helps us cultivate a deeper understanding and shape a more robust view of the world.  More importantly, unlike other programs which emphasize “downloading and organizing” existing knowledge you can find online,  your experience here revolves around the opportunities to practice deep engagement with others, who are genuinely concerned about you and are available to contribute novel perspectives to your work.  Our collective insight practice allows you to discover a deeper meaning in your research inquiry, and to reveal it’s deeper, more universal truths.

Alderlore Resources

Students create their experience together from the resources that Alderlore provides:

A beautiful natural setting in the Berskhire Hills of Northwestern Connecticut, surrounded by Burr Pond State Forest and just a short hike away from Burr Pond and Beach

The Horses of Alderlore – our herd of seven horses who are experienced teachers of energy, body language, emotional balance, embodied leadership skills and more…

The farmhouse and studio offer spacious and relaxing rooms and outdoor spaces for sharing intimate relationships, private contemplation, and outdoor activities.

A large eclectic library, and library exchange privileges with Yale and UCONN.

Wifi, cable, audio and video recording equipment, video editing software.

Musical instruments, art supplies, craft tools.



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