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Tyler Keith  graduated from Brown University in 2010 having concentrated in Religious & Architectural studies–particularly evolutionary mysticism and Alexandrine architectural theory and is currently preparing for graduate school in Architecture. Tyler is a devoted practitioner of Dzogchen, and a deep student of integral and process philosophies.

Zach Schlosser graduated from Brown University in 2010 with a BA in religious studies.  WHile at Brown he concentrated in comparative mysticism and the theory and practice of Buddhist meditation while taking classes in over a dozen other departments.  Zach took a semester off to complete a full-time solitary six-month meditation retreat.


Tyler writes:

I have participated in close study with Zen priest and philosopher Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, as well as of many schools of architectural theory, including classical Indian architecture with the University of Mayonic Science & Technology. I have also been in academic tutor and mentor for the past two years, during which time I have developed a passion and skillset for working with young adults to clarify and pursue their passions and success. This summer I will be researching and applying an approach to architecture and design based on Christopher Alexander’s process-view of morphogenesis, Goethean science and philosopher Eugene Gendlin’s approach to articulating the emergent implicit. This will include continued deep study and writing on the intersection of these disciplines as well as their application in a residential design-build project. I’m very excited to work and learn with the students at Alderlore, and am confident that it will be an amazing and pivotal summer for all involved.



Zach writes:

For the past three years I’ve been very grateful to be a close student of Saniel Bonder and other Waking Down in Mutuality teachers and community members.  I now work as an academic tutor, spiritual mentor for young adults, and as the operations head of a mobile startup designing an app for users to do psychological shadow work in a supportive online social environment.

At Alderlore I’ll be writing a series of essays on the ethics of deep self-trust, inspired by contemplative practice and the ethical challenges presented by climate change.  I’ll also be working closely with Bonnitta on developing post-dialectics, a type of thinking which always sees questions and answers embedded in a primary, intuitive, dynamic whole.  Both of these contribute toward my long-term project of bringing profound wonder and real magic into back into people’s lives. I can’t wait to work collaboratively with Alderlore SOLE students this summer.

Bonnitta Roy: Pathfinder, Insight Guide

Bonnitta Roy

I am passionate about creating a better future by designing new ways of teaching through mentoring and learning from each other. I envision a truly participatory engagement where sometimes we take on a leadership role, sometimes we are apprentices, sometimes we learn from the silence and elegance of nature, sometimes from the crowd and chaos. I like to face problems with an experimental attitude, and move through life with bold curiosity. I love to read. I am a integral process philosopher who writes about new types of consciousness, new ways of thinking, reasoning, and being that arise as part of our human evolution. I have tremendous enthusiasm for young adults who are making real change possible, who are paying it forward, laying down the path of a future where humans can flourish and the planet can thrive.

20 years of formal education in neuroscience and philosophy and 30 years of independent scholarship in process philosophy and cognitive psychology, informs my lifelong passion for transformative experience. My hands-on attitude and appreciation for practical life skills comes from my professional career in the landscape design-build industry, and years of training for endurance riding competitions. I am an avid gardener and knowedgeable ecologist, an amateur botanist and hobby farmer.

I have also spent many years as a serious practitioner of Qigong, and served as president on the board of the National Qigong Association. Since an early age I have had a deep interest in spiritual questions, and have followed a strong phenomenological inquiry into the nature of experience, the deep roots of our human existential condition, the source of creativity and joy, and the perennial journey toward mutual awaking to our natural state of open awareness.

Bonnitta is the founder of Alderlore Insight Center where she designs ritual inquiry and transformative practices to nurture the emergence of previously unknown possibilities. She is co-founder of Alderlore SOLE, a self-organizing learning environment focusing on insight training, ecological awareness, sustainable life skills and community-centered practices. She is an integral process philosopher whose work on consciousness has twice been awarded for academic achievement. She is an associate editor of Integral Review, a guest faculty of the Conscious Evolution Masters Course at The Graduate Institute. She is founder/curator of  The Magellan Courses, an on-line experimental course in post-conventional learning, and hosts transformative workshops through the Magellan Fellowship Initiative. She and her partner are stewards of Alderlore, their home-farm with the Horses at Alderlore, where they hold workshops on energy awareness, body language and emotional balance through engaging horses and nature in extraordinary ways. She has recently retired from 3 decades of work as a leader in the landscape architecture and design-build industry.

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